806 Health: New Years Resolutions for 2021
It seems like every year we go into the next one thinking how much better we are going to do than the previous one. All I can say is that 2021 has got to be better than the one we are leaving behind? Right?
806 Health Tip: You Can Help Prevent A Heart Attack
If I were to ask you about having a heart attack you would pass on that idea, right? I mean I am sure there are a lot more enjoyable things you would rather sign up to do. Well we can find a way to help us avoid it. We just have to do the work that is needed.
806 Health Tip: Walking For Lower Blood Pressure
You get up and you go to work, you come home just to repeat all of this the next day. Do you find time to workout? Sometimes finding that time is just so tough to do. I get it. We have so much to do in a days time. We know it's important though.
806 Health Tip: Exercise For The Sake Of Your Heart
Having a heart attack is probably low on your list of priorities. You want to avoid that health drama at all cost. Oh and you can increase your odds with a bit of exercise. We just have to do the work that is needed. That is where we kind of back off.

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