It seems like every year we go into the next one thinking how much better we are going to do than the previous one. All I can say is that 2021 has got to be better than the one we are leaving behind? Right?

A lot of that depends on us but can we say last year was not so much about our choices. We had a little thing called a pandemic that interrupted a lot of our lives. But maybe there are some things that we can control that can make the year start off on a positive note.

That being those New Year's Resolutions. A lot of us start off trying to think of great ways to be better people. Some of those are improving our body and health. Some choices are to improve our overall health.

So what are some of the things we are looking to improve in 2021?

We have some of the basics that really are always a good idea. Some are to lose weight and get in better shape. It may be more of an issue this year depending on how we handled the quarantining last year. It's always a good idea overall to keep an eye on our health overall.

This past year added some health issues in my own life including high blood pressure and a round of skin cancer. So I have taken the measures to keep both under check. Sometimes just a talk with a doctor can help tremendously.

We may have decided we need a better plan for our finances this year. Maybe this is the year that we realize we need a financial plan. We need to start saving money. We may have had a hard time last year because of losing a job. We now know how important it is to save. We need a budget to live by.

Other's may be better overall for our mind. We decided we need to have a more positive outlook. Or maybe we decided we just need to start one new good habit. Maybe it's a good idea to get rid of one bad habit as well. More things that can help is to make our social bonds stronger. Whether it is with our significant other. Finding a way to strengthen that relationship or to spend more time with our family.

Now is the time to decide how we want our 2021 to start. Give it a thought and really let's all improve our mind, body and soul for the new year.

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