I get to thinking about all those germs that are on your toothbrush. I mean it freaks me out a bit because we do put that in our mouth a couple times of day. So I want to make sure mine is clean.

Earlier there were reports about making sure that your toilet is shut when you flush because you don't want particles from your toilet to end up on your brush. I know gross. Luckily that may not totally be the case.

I will still keep my toilet closed because well....gross. I also keep a cover on my toothbrush. Your brush does end up having gross stuff on it but most of that comes from your mouth anyway.

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Most of the bacteria on your toothbrush comes from microbes that live in your mouth or on your skin, not necessarily from your gut. Which would be the stuff that flies out of the toilet. The good news is that if bacteria does end up on your toothbrush from flushing your toilet it is not usually a health risk.

I do change my toothbrush out a lot because still just the thought of all that grosses me out. I make sure that when I make a trip to Drug Emporium that I stock up on a few extra toothbrushes just in case. I do also put my toothbrush and tongue scraper in the dishwasher. I feel better knowing that both are sanitized. Oh yeah I put my dishwasher on the sanitize setting. I feel like it is better safe than sorry.

I know I can change out my toothbrush even more than once every three months but I am also not about throwing away my money. So when I am doing a load of dishes anyway I feel that is the best solution.

I want a clean toothbrush in my mouth.



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