What a difference a year makes. Remember back in the day when really it was only Michael Jackson and his family wearing a mask? We never really thought that was going to be our future. Oh and then the year 2020 came to be.

I still get out of my car and start walking into a place and realize "Ugh I need to go back out and grab my mask." It's been a year. So I started throwing one in my jacket pocket so I am always prepared. Nothing is worse than that walk of shame from the Market Street entrance to head back to the car.

On average we end up wearing our masks almost 3 hours a day. Longer than that if you have to wear it all day at work. Maskne has become a real term. My daughter went to see her dermatologist to help with a breakout. The mask is really the culprit. Got to really love our new reality.

Did you go on a mask shopping spree. You may be one that has a mask for every occasion. On average we have about six masks. Are you above or below average? I have a FRIENDS logo mask, 2 plain black masks, and 2 Happy State Bank masks. I also have a few cloth masks with different designs. So I own about seven masks.

Some of us use the disposable ones. The one and done masks. About a third of people say those are their masks of choice. The rest of us are fans of the cloth masks. They are more economically friendly but the problem is we really need to remember to wash them. Not washing them leads to more problems. So wash, wash, wash.

So even though we are a year into wearing masks we really still are getting use to the change. If wearing one keeps our numbers down and us back out amongst people I am good with the change.


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