Do you go to the dentist every six months like it is recommended? Maybe you don't have insurance. Maybe you can't afford the cost of all of that. Well there is a much cheaper way to get the cleanings you need.

In fact this is something my mom signed us up as kids to do. It really was a pretty easy process. I mean everyone has to start somewhere. So if you can get your teeth cleaned while students are learning what to do. Why not?

Cleaning Your Teeth While They Learn

I am talking about going to get your teeth cleaned by students over at Amarillo College. They are going through the program to do this for a living. The best way to learn is hands on, that is for sure.

So you get a better price and they get the experience they need to move on. The Amarillo College Dental Hygiene program is here to lend a helping hand and let you leave with a clean mouth.

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The cost is very reasonable. To walk in and get your teeth cleaned, your x-rays and a fluoride treatment it will only set you back $35. It really makes sense to go that route. If you would like a deep cleaning that will run you another $35 but still a good price.

Maybe you need some sealants put on a couple teeth. They will do that too and only set you back $5 per tooth.

These students are looking for patients right now so you can call to set up an appointment - 806-354-6050.

The services will be taking place on the West Campus of Amarillo College -6222 W 9th in Jones Hall.

So there really is no reason to not stay up to date with your cleanings. If it really has been awhile go ahead and schedule your appointment now.

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