Let's give ourselves kudos for making it through last week. We had some crazy weather throughout the state of Texas. Once we made it through the beginning of the week we thought things were going to get better. Oh then we just got more snow here in Amarillo.

Driving our neighborhood streets was a little hairy. I have a hard time leaving my driveway when we get that much snow. When that stuff happens and we get an unexpected week like that it is not surprising that a lot of us throw in the hat for a little bit on trying to be healthy.

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If we were on a diet we may have turned to comfort foods. If we lost power we may have reached for a bag of chips. It is understandable. That is why it is a lot easier in life to give up the idea of a diet and shoot for lifestyle changes that are easier to maintain. Once these become a habit I think they do more good than restricting what we eat.

Just a few dietary changes can make the difference. We can make the conscious decision to reach for grapes or strawberries instead of a piece of candy. We still get the same sweetness without all of the calories. How about instead of a bag of chips we cut up some veggies to snack on. Start doing that a few times a week and it becomes easier.

Also think of all the calories you can save just by opting out of getting French fries and deciding on a salad instead. Of course don't drench it in salad dressing or it won't help at all. Opt for a low fat or salsa and put it on the side. Same goes if you reach for a salad on the dinner menu instead of that plate of pasta. This can save you tons.

What do you find yourself drinking when you need something? Do you get a soda? If so that is just wasted calories. You need to be drinking as much water as possible too. There are many things you can add to it to make it taste like something. There are so many low calorie and low sugar things that make it so much easier to drink the water that you need.

Try these easy tips to add some healthy habits into your life. The more you do them the easier they will become to make a habit.

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