It used to be that we didn't have time to workout. Then we were on lock down and we had all the time in the world. Have we been working out? Some may say a very big yes. For those of you I am extremely proud.

Then there are the rest of us who may have been on lock down but we still had to work. We may have even had to become teachers. It seems we may not have had as much time as we thought. Those days turned to weeks...those weeks to a month. Here we are.

Texas opened up but the gyms are still closed. So we still have time to get our workout on. We do. We are doing a lot of sitting right? We need to find a way to get our bodies moving. We don't have hours to work out. So how long does it take?

We can actually just work out short, sweet but as hard as you can. Just those few minutes can help our bodies a big way. All we need are those super short bursts of an intense workout.

You can grab a jump rope. Start jumping. As hard. As fast. As you possibly can. Then rest. Go for it again. It really only takes those quick workouts to help your body fight the quarantine 15. Try once an hour jumping as best as you can for a few seconds. Try it every hour for a full eight hours. It won't seem like much. Oh and it isn't. It will only be about two minutes and forty seconds of intense exercise. You can handle that. Can't you?

If you do you will be burning more calories the rest of the day. That is less than three minutes a day, you do have that to spare. Don't you?

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