Having a heart attack is probably low on your list of priorities. You want to avoid that health drama at all cost. Oh and you can increase your odds with a bit of exercise. We just have to do the work that is needed. That is where we kind of back off.

A new study revealed that regular aerobic exercise can cut those chances in half. Any activity that gives our heart a work out. I feel we probably know that. So getting on the treadmill is a good start. Grabbing your jump rope can help. Taking the dogs for a walk around the water at Medi Park. Anything that can get us moving is the way to go.

It has been found that there is a strong link between greater fitness and a lower level of having a heart attack.

The less you exercise the more of a risk you will have in the future. So the takeaway is even if you don't work out all the time just look at it like a life extender. Every time you get on the treadmill or every time you are going for the run you are helping your future.

A workout can be looked at preventive medicine. A few months of extensive workouts that really get your heart pumping may wear you out but you are also extending your life with each one.

If that is not enough to make you think about getting out of bed and pushing it in the gym I'm not sure what is. You may be out of breath but you are improving your life.

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