So it's that time of year. You will be giving and you will be receiving gifts. They will come from loved ones, friends and co-workers. So it's the time of year to ask the question. Is it OK to give exercise equipment as a gift?

This is coming up again because Peloton came up with an ad for their new exercise bike. The first thing that made people mad was that the husband gave it to his already way fit wife. Then the question remains is it an appropriate gift for the holidays?

A survey was done and nearly 40% of people say sure it's OK. They would be more happy than insulted with the gift. A small percent would be insulted. Only 7%.

Does it make a difference if it is a woman receiving the gift? One might think it would. Actually the gender really doesn't matter. When women were asked 36% of them say they really would be happy with that more than being insulted. So I think that really this is more of a personal choice.

Maybe that conversation should be had before the holidays come. Have a discussion. If your significant other is already fit they may like it to stay that way. If they are struggling with their weight you will need to make sure that is more the journey that they are wanting to be on. It needs to be their idea to lose weight. Not yours. So have that discussion early on and make sure you are not fighting into the New Year.


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