My poor not-so-little dog. She was put on a diet a little over eight months ago. Her vet said that she was a bit chunky and that was leading to some health problems.

Since I want her around as long as I can, I had to make some changes to how and what she ate. I started making some homemade dog food to add to her diet. I introduced some canned veggies for when she acted like she was starving.

Poor Chipper. She just seems to never get enough food. Oh, and she eats so fast. You may have a similar situation at your home. So I went to searching for some solutions to her problem.

I was able to find a dog bowl that makes her slow down when she is eating. Boy, did she need that. So I went ahead and purchased one. She wasn't quite sure what to think.

It looks like it has a puzzle for the dog to figure out. That is how it slows her down. Will it work? That is my main concern. So I put it to the test. Chipper was just thrilled to have her next meal. She only eats twice a day. When she gets dry dog food she only gets about three quarters of a cup so she needs to make it last. That is why I was hoping this bowl would slow her down.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Did it seem to work? It really did. It took her about double the time it took her to eat her food. That is a win in my book. I just think that the next one I get will be a metal bowl. She seems to not be so gentle with this one. I am not sure how long it will last. It is, though, doing its job.

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