Why Seeing A Dermatologist Here In Amarillo Is Important
I have pretty much been the healthiest person over the years. I hardly take a "sick day" at work. I know as I get older things start falling apart, for lack of a better way to say it. This is the year I discovered I had high blood pressure. Sure, with all the stress 2020 has given us of co…
806 Health Tip: Things We Are Doing To Get Healthy
We are living in a weird time. The year 2020 has included many changes. A lot, not all of us, have gained a bit of weight. So many that it has a name. The Quarinteen15. Well guess what? We are over that and on our way to getting healthy again.
806 Health Tip: Ways You Can Get Healthier
This has been quite the year. We started 2020 with so much hope. This was going to be our year. We were going to do things this year. We were going to try new things. Oh and we were going to reach those weight loss goals.
806 Health Tip: Flossing Does Your Memory Good
You go in to the dentist and they ask you how often you floss. You may admit how you don't floss as much as you know you should. Does this seem familiar to you? I know I get asked that every time. I have gotten better at it. I at least try to remember a few times a week. That, I feel, is making…
806 Health Tip: Generosity Leads To A Longer Life
How generous are you? Do you find yourself being a very giving person? If so I have good news for you. Being generous could be the secret to a long and happy life. So if that is the route you are looking for you need to up your game.
I Decided To Start Making My Dog, Chipper's, Food At Home
To say my dog has had a rough 2020, along with the rest of us, is an understatement. Poor girl has gone through some crazy life changes. We had to put her sister to sleep in February. Chipper still doesn’t understand where her Cinnamon could be. That’s been a tough one.
806 Health Tip: All The Grossness In Your Wooden Spoons
I read a story the other day about a new kitchen challenge that is going viral. So I wanted to give it a try. I have 2 kitchen utensils that are wooden. I have had them for years.I usually throw them in the dishwasher. I figure that is the best way to keep them clean. Apparently it doesn't real…

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