Maybe you were not one of those who took the early part of the year to start healthier habits. I get it. It was a weird time. We didn't know what was going to come next. Some people lost jobs that they have had forever.

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Some had big events in their lives get cancelled. Everyone had some way that this covid year has made us worry and boy did some of us worry. So it is not surprising that some of us went into a depression and turned to food or alcohol to cope.

Now that we are getting somewhat back to normal a lot of people have said the fall is their time to turn their lives around. You may have found a new job. You are able to get out a lot more and that certainly helps.

We have learned how isolated some people felt. We know that a lot of us are social creatures so if you didn't have family at home it could get very lonely. Things are looking up. We can go to restaurants again and catch up with those we have been away from for so long. That for one thing can sure improve our mental state.

Now that the weather is cooling off a bit it may be more enjoyable to get outside more as well. Take the family on a walk. Head out to Medi Park. Feed the ducks. Just getting out and getting moving can help burn off some of those extra calories.

Every little bit helps.

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