I have a daily ritual. I get up in the morning and head into the bathroom. I put in my contacts I can see and before I get dressed for the day I want to see how much I weigh. I know that weight can fluctuate throughout the week.

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So if I do this every day I will get a better understanding of how some foods I eat can make me gain. While some days I can lose a lot as well. I try to help myself out by drinking a lot of water. We know that helps with weight loss for a couple reasons.

Sometimes when we think we are hungry we are really just dehydrated. When you drink a lot of water like you should it could cause you to weigh differently too. That comes in to play if you eat a lot of salty foods or carbs. If you do you will retain that water and you will weigh heavier.

Another factor to weighing heavier at different times of the week has to do with your consumption of alcohol as well. So if you have a few too many over the weekend you may weigh heavier on Monday morning.

If you want to know the day of the week that you weigh your most accurate you will have to step on that scale on Wednesday. That is a few days after you may have recovered from the weekend binge. You will always weigh better in the morning when you first wake up.

Which is the biggest reason the scale is one of my first stops after waking up. The best day to make sure you weigh the least tends to be on Fridays. So your best time to weigh and feel awesome is on Friday morning.

When do you find yourself weighing in the most? Comment below.

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