I have pretty much been the healthiest person over the years. I hardly take a "sick day" at work. I know as I get older things start falling apart, for lack of a better way to say it. This is the year I discovered I had high blood pressure. Sure, with all the stress 2020 has given us of course I do.

I spent many days and years out in the sun growing up. I feel we all did. I had the baby oil to help me get a good tan. Oh and I had the Sun In as well to help with the blonde hair. We didn't think of the issues that may cause later on in life.

As I got older I was warned not to go and tan. I started doing that to get some color. I usually tanned and not burned so I thought that was a good sign. So this summer I thought I really should get some of my freckles and such checked out.

I should find out if there is any skin cancer developing. This was as good of year as any to do this. So I made an appointment at Hight Plains Dermatology and went to face the music. Dr. Jones came in and listened to all of my concerns. Every spot that I was worried about was really just nothing. I felt so relieved at that.

So then he took his magical scanning device....I have no idea what it is called but something magical I should say. He looked at a red area on my chest. An area that I noticed a bit ago but really was not anything that concerned me. See, this is why I am not a doctor.

That was the area that concerned him. He asked how long that had been there. I really couldn't remember but for at least a year. He decided to take a biopsy to see if it was skin cancer. When the results came back I found out it was. The biopsy revealed that it was basal cell, which is common and luckily not the most dangerous. Oh, but it needed to be gone.

They made me an appointment to get it cut out and stitch me up. I got that procedure done about a week ago. I am ready to get the stitches out. I am glad that I went in and got checked out. Otherwise I would not have known and it would just grow. So now it is gone and I just need to go in for checkups to make sure no more develop.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I have made my daughter make an appointment as well and start getting checked regularly. My family has a history of skin cancer so I want her to start checking early. If you have never had a skin cancer check up I recommend getting it done. You will feel better knowing.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:


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