With everything that has been going on so far in 2020 there is no surprise that we have faced some challenges. There have been many stresses, from running out of toilet paper all the way to losing jobs and illnesses. It has been a crazy year.

We had to find ways to survive while we were in lockdown. Some of us were stuck at home for months. Some of us continued to go to work. We each faced our own set of issues. If you were one of those who decided to set goals to make it through that seems to be what a lot of people did.

We decided there were some home improvement projects we could tackle. Those little things added up. I mean you realized how much a fresh coat of paint could really improve things.

There are also things that we did to improve our health as much. We decided that we couldn't just eat all that we wanted. That was not good for us at all. So we set the goal to eat healthier or follow a diet. We decided to cook a lot more food at home. When we did that we were able to control the ingredients and eat less calories.

We had more time to work out and exercise more. So yes we set that goal and decided what better time than now than to follow it.

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We know that attitude is everything. We decided we really need this time to have a more positive attitude. We can not change things that were happening around us but we could control how we approached this situations. We can turn almost anything around just by how we react. We learned to react positively to stuff around us. That made a huge difference.

We realized that relationships are really important to us now. We needed our family and friends more than ever doing these past six months. We made time to have real conversations. We made sure we spent more time with family. That time really did improve our mental state.

Yes we fought some tough times this year but I think we have improved a lot in our lives. This year has been tough but I think we have been tougher.

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