You look in the mirror every day. You notice you may have gained a few pounds over this craziness we call 2020. So now what? Are you looking to lose it before the reality of the holiday's hits you?

I mean it really is doable. Is there a key to when you work out? Can something as easy as working out at the same time each day really help? Yes, yes it really can. Really? How is that possible?

Well think about it this way making something a routine really can help you. If you work out at a regular time and on a regular basis than that become a habit. Your workout becomes more of a routine and you are less likely to skip a day. So people who always work out at the same time each day end up being in better shape.

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Now it really doesn't matter if you choose to workout everyday in the morning, the afternoon or evening as long as you set a routine. Though, I will say that people who work out earlier in the morning have a better go at it.

Why would that be? Well that one is easy. Those who get up and go to the gym first thing make that their daily priority. If you end up waiting until later in the day it is much easier to find something to interrupt your plans. How many times do you have good intentions of heading to Golds Gym or Planet Fitness after work? Oh and then the kids call and need something. Some days work just exhausts you too much so the thought of going for a walk is just not manageable.

So maybe try to start your day off the right way and get that workout out of the way. Yes, that means you have to set that alarm clock earlier each morning. I promise as you keep looking in the mirror you will thank yourself for doing that.

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