I don't have a gym membership, so I really don't have a horse in this race. But I was made aware of something really awesome that Planet Fitness has changed in their employee handbook due to our weather here in Texas.

It's been a very long time since a weather phenomenon like this has hit. There have been businesses closing left and right for the safety of their employees and customers. Yes, that is great to hear. But what I just found out today takes the cake; which is that employees of Planet Fitness were sent a message today that probably meant a lot to them.

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A lot of the locations were closed the past few days due to weather. Those employees were probably without power, as a lot of people have been dealing with that--especially in the Dallas area. So now Planet Fitness is going to change their Employee Handbook to state:

During temporary closure due to severe weather employees will be paid for scheduled shifts when clubs are closed due to severe weather.

This is great news for people that were probably hit the hardest in the storms, I am talking about those in the Dallas Fort Worth area. They even went on to say that if any employee is without electricity or water and can find a hotel room they will cover the cost for their employee to get to a safe location. Also if you are an employee that did not lose power and you can bring a coworker in to stay they will reimburse reasonable expenses for hosting fellow employees while the power is out.

They ended the message with focus on ensuring you are in a safe place. This speaks volumes to a mom who has a child who lives in that area. A child that was without power for over 32 hours. When once she found a place to stay her water was also shut off and her thermostat read 40 degrees in her home.

So knowing there are great employers out there that do really care about their employees this speaks volumes. Kudos to Planet Fitness.


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