2020 yeah everyone is pretty much over it, including Planet Fitness. This year planet Fitness has a great idea how to smash 2020 into oblivion. You can buy a 2020 piñata on the Planet Fitness website and take out all your 2020 aggression on it.

Planet Fitness, Inc.

Each pack includes two exclusive New Year's Eve hats, Planet Fitness swag and a fully-stuffed, ready-to-wallop piñata plus 21 lucky recipients will discover a free one-year PF Black Card inside. The whole kit is available now for the appropriate price point of $20.21 at PFStore.com.

AFP via Getty Images

"This year has been challenging for everyone, and releasing frustrations and stress in a fun and safe way with our piñata party packs will help everyone move forward – and actively put 2020 behind us with a 'bang,'" said Jeremy Tucker, chief marketing officer at Planet Fitness. "In taking a few swings to release the mental and physical stress we've all been carrying for months, we can ring in a Judgement Free 2021 with hope and inspiration, ready to get moving and stay moving in the New Year and beyond."

The gym is also the sponsor of a lesser-known holiday called “Good Riddance Day”. On Monday, December 28, a giant Planet Fitness piñata will be placed in Times Square in New York City. You join by using the hashtag #GoodRiddanceDay on social media to describe all the things you will be happy to get rid of in 2020.

Orders must be placed by Monday, Dec. 21 in order to ensure delivery before Thursday, Dec. 31.