The past few months we had to find a way to get through it. The working from home. The becoming teacher's for our kiddos. We have gotten through a lot. How did we cope with everything?

Some of us used Netflix. We binged a lot of shows. We even watched Tiger King. The majority of us used music to cope and de-stress. If you listen to it in the car it can put you in a better mood. Especially if you happen to hear one of your favorite songs. Music that you can sing along to as well. That is the best way to get in a great mood before you get to where you are going.

Having great music to listen to also helps you to feel more productive. So if you have music on on while you are working you can get more done.The music we listen to during the day may also help us sleep better.

Did you find yourself creating a playlist to help you. The list that you turn to so you can help de-stress. Who have you included on your playlist? What do you listen to when you are working out? What is your go-to? As you approach the treadmill at Planet Fitness what are you listening to? The music you have can make the workout more productive for you. We all know how a great workout can improve your body and mind.

Music is the tie that binds. We need music for our health and to de-stress. What songs do you make sure you have ready to go to kick off your day? Comment below.

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