So Sunday night it was about 10:20 pm when I received the first call from my daughter in the Dallas area. Last week when she called me late it was because of the tornado that hit. So I never know what to expect when that phone rings.

 This time she is at Planet Fitness just leaving from a workout when her car got broken into. Her wallet was gone. You know the one item that carries EVERYTHING. Her driver’s license, her credit and debit cards, gift cards and of course cash.

Now mind you mom always told her that anything can be replaced but cash. Credit cards get stolen and you can report it and have them issue new ones….same thing with debit cards. Cash? Well you are not so fortunate. I always encouraged her to never leave cash in her car. Oh and to get it to the bank as soon as she can. Well rent is due this week and she just got off work waiting tables when she headed to the gym. So she had all the cash she made that weekend in her wallet.

She didn’t leave it in plain sight but she also didn’t do a great job hiding it either. So her car and another one of the same make and model got broken into….luckily no windows were broken. Her doors automatically lock so they had some kind of device that opened up both cars.

 When she called me she was with police filling out a report. We decided to divide and conquer. She would call a couple credit card companies and I would handle the others. We got everything cancelled before any card could be used. Yay team Bartlett.

I spent Monday getting her a spare ID I had of hers overnighted to her. She went to the bank to get a new debit card. I received a phone call from the Grapevine area. I answered it just in case. It was a police officer asking if we were missing a wallet. I preceded to tell him that my daughter’s got stolen last night. We talked a while and it turned out that a construction crew found her wallet and the other guys too.

I asked what was still in it. Unfortunately they stole all her cash (of course)…..all her credit and debit cards….and her Driver’s License. I assume they kept the license so they could try the “hey I have authorization to use her card see…I have her license.” Luckily that was not going to work out for them.

The guy, on the other hand, did not get his cards cancelled in time and they went shopping. I was really surprised to get the wallet back. Obviously it was guys who stole it….and probably single ones….that did not know how much a Michael Kors anything is worth.

 So she at least got her wallet back….oh and her Kohl’s card that we forgot she had. I told her that I wanted her to have learned that lesson from all my warnings about cash. It, of course, happened to me growing up. No, though, she wanted to learn it the hard way. Oh and what an expensive lesson it was.

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