It seems like it is a never ending battle. At any given time we seem like we are trying to watch what we eat. We are on that four letter word that we call a diet. We are trying to be healthier. We are trying to overall do better.

What can help us more than anything? It seems that if you are looking to lose some of those covid 15 or 20 pounds there is safety in numbers. Have you ever tried to have a diet buddy? Have you been more successful if someone is on that journey with you?

It could be your significant other. Or maybe you can talk your best friend into jumping on board with you. It seems easier if you have someone who jumps in and heads to Planet Fitness or Crunch Fitness with you. That extra motivation sure can go a long way.

Diets and workout plans seem to go better and you end up feeling more satisfied if you have a partner who is going through it with you. You are more likely to stick with the regimen if you have a friend or partner with you every step of the way.

You both end up eating healthier if you have someone else who is helping to hold you accountable. It's a lot easier to order that chicken breast with steam veggies if someone else is doing the same thing. You will actually end up being about three times more successful in your dieting and exercise regimen with a partner.

So grab a friend or grab your spouse. Get those extra pounds taken off before we end this interesting year of 2020. You will be further ahead as we enter 2021.

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