Whether you are single or a couple just looking for new date ideas there are some fun activities you should try. Maybe you want to get healthy and maybe even social distancing is a priority. Don't make all of this keep you from connecting as a couple.

So what are some things you can do that will get you out of the house? It will be a bonus if it is a fun activity that can help you both learn more about each other. It doesn't matter if you are new to dating or have been together forever; you can still learn about the other person.

So you want a few date night activities to keep for a needed time out together. How about take an evening or afternoon and go out and play Mini golf. How fun is that? You have options here. You can play out at Wonderland Park, Sports World or even Lights Off Golf in Westgate Mall. Regardless you will be laughing the whole time oh and maybe even show a bit of your competitive side.

How about grab your hiking shoes and take a weekend trip down to Palo Duro Canyon. Whether this is your first trip there or millionth, no two hikes are the same. Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and water too. You will have many stories to tell afterward.

You can also grab your bike and head out as well. You can head to Medi Park, Memorial Park or any neighborhood here in Amarillo. You can plan a fun bike ride scavenger hunt. Make a list of items out in nature for the two of you to discover.

What about signing up for a fitness class? If you have a membership to Planet Fitness, Verdure, Gold's Gym you can look online for a class time. If your date is not a member that is OK. Many places let you bring a guest. The couple that sweats together stays together.

Another fun activity is to head to Home Depot, Lowes, Panhandle Greenhouses or some other place that you can purchase plants. You can get veggies to plant so that later in the season you can harvest and make dinner together. A two for date there. Or you can work on a nice flower bed. Regardless it's a fun and rewarding date night for everyone.

Any other great fun activities you have tried on a date? Comment below.

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