It goes without saying that Erin Andrews is the most popular sideline reporter for ESPN Sports.

You may recall that three years ago, she was unknowingly video taped in her hotel room by Michael Barrett.

Barrett had found out, from the West End Marriott, which room Andrews was staying in, and then booked the room next to hers. He then set up a video camera through a peep hole and was able to video tape her, while she was in her room. This video then ended up on the internet and went viral.

Barrett has seen been sentenced and currently is spending 2 1/2 years in a federal prison for stalking the reported. Andrews has now filed a lawsuit and is seeking $6 Million dollars from the Hotel and another $4 Million from Barrett. The lawsuit contends she suffered 'invasion of privacy,' 'negligence' and 'infliction of emotional stress.'

A spokesman for the Marriott declined comment on the lawsuit, but did tell the Tennessean the company has changed its policies since the incident.

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