EVs, or electric vehicles, are a hot button issue. People are both sides are oddly staunch in their opinions whether or not they're great, or just crap on four wheels. Either way, they exist and motorists need to be able to charge up.

I was surprised by how many EV charging stations actually exist in the Texas panhandle.

Of Course, You Can Find EV Charging Stations On I-40 In Texas

It shouldn't be a surprise. Hang out on I-40 if you're driving an EV and you should be fine. If you're coming from the east into the Texas panhandle, your first option for a stop and charge is in Shamrock.

Yes, one of the most iconic towns on Route 66 has EV charging stations. Even better, they're at one of the most iconic Route 66 landmarks, the U Drop Inn.

Drive a little further west, and you'll find yourself in Amarillo.Yellow City has plenty of charging stations located on I-40 or just a little ways off I-40.

Surprising Places In The Texas Panhandle To Find EV Charging Stations

Looking at you Dumas. Yes, even Dumas has you covered just in case you feel the need to travel north up to the Oklahoma panhandle. Or you just want to see what's going on in Dumas.

Let's say you're traveling across the panhandle toward Dallas, and you need to charge up. Guess who has your back? Childress.

Heading south on 27 toward Lubbock? Needing to charge up? Well lucky for you Plainview has a charging station.

You can check out this list of charging stations across Texas for more info.

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