Don't be fooled. Just because it's cold outside, that doesn't mean there isn't fire danger in the area.

You still need to exercise caution.

We've Gone A Long Time Without Any Substantial Precipitation

It's been a while since we've had a good rain shower, or much precipitation at all really. There was the one day recently where there was the odd spit of snow, but nothing to write home about.

That lack of precipitation and the usual windy day we have in the Texas panhandle can spell disaster.

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

Just Because It's Cold, That Doesn't Mean There Isn't Fire Danger

Looking at the Texas A&M Forest Service's website, today is prime example of that. In fact, they forecast high to very high fire danger for our area today.

You can see that forecast here.

Unfortunately, they were pretty on point with their forecast as a fire was spotted earlier today. I haven't received word yet on what caused this fire out by Loop 335.

Be Aware So That You Don't Spark A Fire

It should really go without saying, but sometimes a reminder is due. There are several things you can do to help lower the risk of a fire being started on a day like today.

You could check your equipment. If you're towing a trailer, for instance, make sure the chain doesn't drag. Those sparks could start a fire.

Don't burn trash, or start a fire, if you can't do it safely. Use common sense.

Also, if you're a smoker don't throw your semi-smoked cigs out of the window. Use a butt-can. I'm not coming down on smokers. I am one. I keep a water bottle in my car so I can put out my cigarettes safely when I'm done with them.

Fingers crossed we get some significant moisture soon. We need it.

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