Americans get one day a year, to behave badly and get some serious laughs. In my hometown, Halloween night saw the relocation of people's possessions including an outhouse, that would show up at the front door of our school.

With Halloween night on the way, you might want to bone up on these pranks, so you can be the funniest person at home or at work.

1. Hand In The Fridge- A classic. You can find a rubber hand almost anywhere this year. Stick it on a fruit salad or a brisket, and watch the fun, when anyone opens the door.

2. Toothpaste In The Oreos- Go buy a pack of Oreos and eat all the delicious filling out of each of them. Isn't this great so far? Replace the filling with any brand of toothpaste, that you like, just make sure it's white. Give them out as treats. Take some to work. Grab a handful for your Rotary meeting. Not only do your victims spit toothpaste for the next hour, you get a private snack..

3. Airhorn In The Closet- Get an airhorn and get in a closet at home, work, or church. When the door opens, bow the horn. It's just that simple.

4. Snake In The Toilet- Buy a plastic snake and put in the toilet at home or work. Leave the bathroom light on, so it's discovered by your victim before they sit down. Bonus points are awarded if your victim has a snake phobia, ophidiophobia and has to go to the ER for serious sedatives.

5. Life Coach- My personal favorite. Instead of dropping Reese's Peanut Butters in strange kid's bag, save them for later. Instead, I like to ask them their name, and drape my arm around their shoulder." "Ashton", I say, "you need to get your life together. You need to get a haircut and a job. I know you're only six, but life is horrible and you'd best get a jump on it now, or you'll go to prison." Yes, I hand out advice to our Trick Or Treaters. A Hershey bar, only lasts for a moment. Good living practices, from a total stranger, last a lifetime.

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