Fine. I'll admit it. I am not a fan of summer. It's probably my least favorite season. I don't hate summer, it's just not my favorite. I love winter and everything about it. Here's five reasons why:

1. The fireplace. If you grew up with one, it may not make your heartbeat faster, but I never had one, until I moved here from El Paso. I like moving the wood around and watching the flames get bigger. And the smell in the neighborhood, when everyone has their fireplaces going, is just a gift.

2. Football is back. Other than WT, i don't spend a lot of time, paying attention to College football much. I am totally aware, of any and all details of the Dallas Cowboys.No, I don't apologize for it and yes, it was a catch.

3. Heavy snow nights, guarantee a big radio audience the next day. Are schools closed? Late? I love that stuff. Bad weather? Crank that radio up, we are all in.

4. Watching the dogs romp around in snow, is a joy. They don't know it's frozen water, They just know, it's in the way. It covers up burned up yards, and makes great ice cream.

5. My favorite holidays are during winter. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Everybody loves a white Christmas. There is nothing like sitting down, to a turkey with all the trimmings.

Summer fans, can enjoy 100+  temps, and sunlight until 10PM. I can't wait for dark cloudy breezy days. At least until the "Big Game" and then I'm ready for springtime thunderstorms!

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