Everyone needs a little "retail therapy" now and then, especially with the way things have gone recently. However, one lady from Amarillo sounds like she's already over it, just several days into 2022.

Especially when it comes to "hubs."

I was browsing through the many Facebook groups I'm part of when one post in particular caught my eye.

Hey folks! Welcome back! This week on my husband's impulse buys - the mid-life crisis edition.
Ooohh....this ought to be good....
But before I show you this post or go any further....

In Defense Of The Husband

Listen, I'm a family man, and there are those times that I just want something in the house that represents me, my interests, and what excites me personally.

It's probably the real reason why I've gotten into cigars and fancy tobacco pipes as a hobby. I don't have to fight the kids over those like I do the last Pop-Tart.

Impulse Buy? Or Mid-Life Crisis?

Problems arise though, when we bite off more than we can chew. Like impulsive purchases of sports cars, motorcycles, and yes--exercise equipment.

Some call it the dreaded mid-life crisis. I know that ever since things went south in 2020, I've been on the purchasing end of some ridiculous stuff.

What can I say? Sometimes the thrill of looking at the receipt and asking yourself "What have I done?!" is just what the deranged doctor ordered.

Now The Wife Is Selling Mid-Life Crisis Exercise Gear

However, the thrill of an impulse buy usually wears off when you bring it home to the wife, who's already thinking of how to get some money back on whatever silly thing their husband has purchased this time.

I will say that's really quite very good at it.

Amarillo Buy, Sell, Trade Facebook group
Amarillo Buy, Sell, Trade Facebook group

In fact, when I went back to check on the post, it had already been marked as SOLD.

Excellent work. No one gets things done more efficiently than an irritated wife.

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This lady, God bless her, is trying the best to make the most out of a frustrating situation. It's honestly pretty hilarious, and hopefully they whoever was lucky enough to snag the equipment will put it to good use.

Hey, at least it wasn't a collection of Texas themed cornhole boards that he purchased...

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