We don't just do cotton and sorghum here. We also do a little hay.

I'm sure we do all kinds of crops, but I was impressed by the huge hay output over by my house in North Lubbock. The area I'm talking about is actually just about where the new expo center should be (at some point).

Not only are there a lot of bales there, but it also seems like they seem to be pretty darn close together, which may or may not indicate that the farmer who rolled 'em up got a pretty good output this year.

It's my understanding that the late August rains were very, very good to our dryland farmers. Whether this hay was dryland or not, I don't know, but it's just a welcoming sign to see the farmers get some rewards for their hard work.

I believe our economy has leaned toward medical in recent years, but that's just diversifying what used to be a very cotton-based economy. Cotton is king here and it probably always will be, but it's good that we have a nice queen in medical and maybe a jack in education. (I don't know why I'm using a playing card analogy, but I am.)

So yeah, these big round bales of high are giant balls of money, just like the cotton modules are giant stacks of money. Congratulations to all of you farmers having a good year. A big win for you is certainly overdue.

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