Ok, Let's take a look at the calendar here, If I'm not mistaken we're a pretty good way into October, don't get me wrong I understand that predicting weather in the Texas Panhandle is as easy as calming down a 4 year old who dropped their ice cream but for crying out loud when it's still in the upper 90's you gotta ask... what gives?

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The average for this time of year is should be the low to mid 70's but that doesn't mean we can't have outlier days. This summer had a few cooler than normal weeks after all. and as hot as it's been lately, Farmer's Almanac is actually saying we might be in a repeat this winter when it comes to cold. If you're done with the heat... there's some good news.

There's A Pretty Good Cold Front Coming Overnight

Michael J. Rivera/TSM
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Waking up Sunday the first thing you'll notice should be a good shift in the winds as they usher in some pretty cool fall air with highs only expected in the upper 60s along with a pretty good chance of rain to go along with it. and the better news for those of you who love the cool, the weather pattern looks to stay this way the next few days with a reinforcing cold front arriving Tuesday evening that could bring some storms with it as well.

Don't forget now that fall is finally starting to settle in, it may not be a bad idea to check a few items around the house before it gets too cold. Are you ready for the cold or maybe you like it hot, let us know on the app!

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