I can deal with a shortage of toilet paper that we saw early on. I can deal with no alcohol and even styrofoam. I am not ready to face the news I saw on Facebook yesterday. The possible shortage of Allsup's Burritos and Chimichangas.

I get it that may not be a tragedy for most. For me, growing up on the burritos every day for lunch at Canyon High School. When I went there the school was right across from the Allsup's. That is where I spent my daily lunch money. I walked away with two burritos a day. The lunch of champions for many of us in Canyon.

Now that I seem to take several trips to Dallas to visit my daughter and my new granddaughter I do find myself stopping to fuel up my car and stomach. Many of those stops are at an Allsup's just so I can get my burrito on.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Could there be a burrito and chimichanga shortage? If so what is the cause of this travesty? Is this a short term problem? These are the questions I need to have answered.

I saw this on the All Things Canyon Facebook post from Devin who works at an Allsup's in Canyon:

I work at the allsups on 23rd, just thought I'd let it be known every allsups in town is out of burritos and chimichangas, currently a supply shortage n I've had a lot of ppl come in asking bout it!

Say it isn't so. It is a warehouse shortage and of course nothing that the employee's of Allsup's can do. So remember to take it easy on them. Devin went on to say this is a temporary issue. So that is good news. It is seeming to plague the Canyon Allsup's the most. If you are craving a burrito and you have an Allsup's nearby you may be best to call and just confirm.

I will be driving to Dallas again this weekend and I will be stopping to see if I can find me a burrito. Power be to the Allsup's burrito.

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