Do you have future entrepreneurs in your home?  Have your kids figured out how to make money on their own?  Do you want to help them succeed in their endeavors?  Help them turn those skills into something profitable.

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You can start by making plans to attend the Lemonade Day Expo on Thursday, April 7th.

What is Lemonade Day?

Amarillo Lemonade Day is a FREE, fun, experiential learning program that teaches kids how to start, own and operate their own business – starting with a lemonade stand.

This expo will help show how to have an successful Lemonade Day.

The Lemonade Start-up Expo will take place at the WT Enterprise Center located at 2300 N. Western from 5-7pm.

Young entrepreneurs will learn how to have a successful Lemonade Day!

Plus, they will have the opportunity to pick up their free goodie Lemonade Day bag that includes registration information and all sorts of good stuff.

Prizes!  Yes prizes, a chance to win prizes that include gift cards, stand locations, and even an actual lemonade stand to use for Lemonade Day.

Plus, Lemmy will be on-site to take pictures with everyone.

It'll be a fun event to learn how to prepare for the business world.  These young entrepreneurs can turn into thriving successful adults using amazing ideas and skills they learn with Lemonade Day.

In fact, we'll be hanging out at the event learning from these great kids as well.

We can wait to see you.  Get the kids excited and come learn great things, and you might even leave with a lemonade stand.  Wouldn't that be cool?

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