Who isn't ready for a nice and tall glass of lemonade? Especially when that same glass of lemonade is helping teach so much to our kids. Lemonade Day in Amarillo is coming up on May 1st after taking the year off last year due to the pandemic.

Lemonade Day is when you can go ahead and find multiple Lemonade Stands all over this great city. A lot of the cities after school kiddos have been learning the curriculum on how to run a successful lemonade stand.

They make a business plan. They go and get a loan if they need one. They buy all the supplies and make lemonade and a stand. Then comes that May 1st date we were talking about. The kiddos get up all excited to sell their lemonade and make some money.

Two young boys at lemonade stand
Daniel Hurst

During the teachings they learn to pay back any loans first. Then they can spend, save or share. They learn that sharing and giving back to the community is just as important as buying something they want.

It's nice that these students learn how to be an entrepreneur. They learn how to run a successful business. They compete to have some of the most sought after store fronts for their lemonade stands.

This is such a great learning experience for these kiddos. It takes a village to raise a kid. It also takes a lot of manpower to make this all a success.

Here is where you can find a Lemonade Day stand to help support a local student. They will be at several locations including Quick Quack Car Wash, Amarillo United's (Market Streets and Amigo too) and Raising Cane's.

Melissa from Mix 94.1 and Mike from 101.9 The Bull will be out at the United Supermarket at 45th and Bell from 11am - 1pm. There will be lemonade stands there for you to grab a glass. They will also have two $100 United Supermarket gift cards that you can win. There is also a nice gift basket from Excel Energy to win as well.

Here is how you can find out even more about Lemonade Day!

So get out and help these kiddos learn about running a successful student. You can even get your kiddos out to learn more about the program so that they can be a part of Lemonade Day 2022! This is an exciting time to be a kiddo in Amarillo!

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