Tonight's Mega Millions drawing is one of the more anticipated drawings in recent history.

I mean, with an estimated jackpot of $810,000,000 as of the writing of this article, everyone finds themselves hoping and wishing...and dreaming.

However, they will be a group of people that will be watching maybe just a LITTLE bit closer than the rest of us.

The employees of the two Raising Cane's locations here in Amarillo have a bit more incentive today. That's because the owner of the entire company did something that could net them quite the bonus on an upcoming check.

Todd Graves vowed to spend $100,000 on Mega Millions tickets for the drawing. Not for himself, but for the 50,000 employees his chain has.

Graves bought one ticket for each one of those employees, and if one of those tickets hits all the numbers, they'll ALL benefit from it.

No, the tickets are not assigned to each individual. Instead, it'll act as a pool. If one of the 50,000 tickets matches all the numbers, EACH employee will get a share of the winnings.

So how much would these employees be walking away with should it happen? Well, once you factor in taxes and all that jazz, it works out to somewhere between $10,000-20,000 a piece!

Now, I know that number sounds low compared to the total cash value of what the ticket would pay out, but wouldn't you be happy with that kind of a bonus on your check for simply being an employee of a good owner?

Good luck Cane's crew!

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