I love when good things happen to people here in Amarillo. I would say winning the lottery would be one of those things. I know we hear the horror stories of people that go crazy with the winnings. There are also cautionary tales of people who win that have family coming out of the wood works that all of a sudden need money.

So I guess when I heard there was a lottery winner here in Amarillo I wasn't too surprised that they chose to stay anonymous. I can't say that I blame them at all.

The winner bought a Powerball ticket from the Toot 'n Totum at 3601 NE 24th Avenue. If that is where you normally buy your tickets you don't need to rush to check your tickets because this winner already claimed their winnings.

They did purchase a Quick Pick and matched all their numbers. The only one that didn't match was the red Powerball number. Could you imagine how much that number would have gotten them? Not that a million dollars is bad at all. Heck I am jealous.

So we have a new millionaire here in town. Is it you? I know it's not me. I don't really ever buy lottery tickets. I always say if you want to win the lottery all you have to do is know me. I have several friends who have won pretty good money in the lottery.

One of my friends, who stayed anonymous as well, won $900,000 playing the Texas Two Step. The next day he talked to financial people, made a plan, and retired. Only a small group of his friends even know about his winnings. That was around five years ago and it sure didn't mess up his life. I still remember the phone call that night when he told me he won.

Then there are the Crumps here in Amarillo. They are a family that won the lottery together. Their winnings happened by playing Mega Millions. They opted for the cash option back in 2007 and walked away with almost $74 million dollars. I remember when one of our co-workers offered to help clean out the office of one of the winners.  Nope, he did it himself. This family did some good with the money and also helped out a lot of the extended family. So there are good stories that come out of winning.

I congratulate our newest winner and millionaire here in Amarillo. Do good things with the money. Enjoy it too.

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