This is the time when we can dare to dream. I am talking about the Mega Millions. Everyone seems to have lotto fever. Have you caught it yet? The only cure is winning the jackpot, which is up to $1.02 Billion dollars.

Yes, with a b. That can solve a lot of problems for you. It could solve a lot of problems for Amarillo. Maybe if someone here won they can fix some of these problems. Like maybe fix all the roads at once overnight.

Maybe we can solve this whole Amarillo Civic Center debacle by tearing down the old one and building it for the city with your winnings. I mean you would still have plenty of money left over. We would finally get some great concerts back in Amarillo. That would be satisfying for you and us.

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Maybe we can bring all the stores and restaurants to town that we all have been dying to get. Oh, and bring back the ones we have been missing.

  1. Jack in the Box - We need those tacos and that sourdough jack
  2. Cheesecake Factory - because cheesecake is fabulous
  3. Whole Foods - We need a place like this
  4. HEB- Who doesn't want an HEB?
  5. Buc-cees - or at least speed up the process
  6. Country Pride - so we can have those delicious enchiladas again.
  7. Gardski's - well because it's got to be Gardski's
  8. Judy's - or at least a place that makes the burritos and that green sauce like they did.
  9. Mervyn's - Because that is where we got a lot of our Back to School clothes.
  10. Buffalo Nickel - Because we loved
  11. Hastings - We all spent our Friday nights there we want that back.
  12. In N Out Burger - We once thought we were getting one but it was a huge trick someone played on us.

Let's hope that someone from Amarillo wins tonight. Let's also hope that they do something good for the whole community with some of their winnings. We can all dream right?


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