We've all been there, you go to pick up your kid's birthday cake and they have misspelled his name.  Awful!  Well, it could be worse.  The cake could end up like the ones below.

I can just imagine what this mother was thinking: "My son loves the Ninja Turtles so lets make him a turtle cake." Fail!

And what about the wife who knows nothing about her hubby's favorite show. Well, the name ends up wrong. LOL!

And of course, nobody can wait to be 27. The payoff, they now rhyme with heaven. Haha.

I don't even know what this is suppose to be. All I can say is major fail!

And for all you Pokemon fans, this is what not to bake.

Have you ever had a special day ruined because your baking wasn't what you imagined it would be?

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