Trampolines have been around forever.  Growing up we had a trampoline.  We didn't have the round trampoline, it was a larger rectangular trampoline.  It was from Santa Claus.  It was the best thing ever!  However, growing up my brother used to do some stupid stuff with his friends with that trampoline.  It included pushing up near the house and running and jumping off the roof onto the trampoline.  So that got me thinking, what are some of your trampoline fails.?

I know I had a trampoline fail on the above trampoline.  I was jumping on it having a grand ol time, then the stitching ripped on one of the seams and I fell through coming down from a jump.  I landed on the metal at the bottom of it and bruised my tailbone.  Everyone around me thought it was hilarious.  Me, not so much, my butt was bruised and so was my ego.

Back then our trampolines didn't have the safety guard around them, however I don't know how safe they are even with the guard.  It seems that you can still do stupid stuff on a trampoline.

Here are just a few fails.

This morning Melanie called in and said that she created an obstacle course with her cousin.  They jumped off their shed to land on a trampoline.  They were trying to jump into the pool.  Instead they hit each other and the cousin broke her leg.

Linda was jumping on a trampoline in a dress at her 50th birthday party, and she had been drinking.   She fell on the ground and had an asthma attack.  She ended up in the ER.  Apparently she had an allergic reaction to what she had been drinking.

What's your trampoline story?



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