We are all guilty of it....grabbing that phone and checking Facebook...or text messages...even watching videos on our phone. Can too much screen time cause ADHD?

A new study found that yes, it might be possible.

The researchers only picked kids who didn't show any signs of ADHD when the study started. They ended up tracking 2,600 tenth graders for two years.

When that two years was over about 5% of them had symptoms of ADHD. It turns out that kids who texted a lot were 21% more likely to show signs of it. Kids who watched a ton of streaming videos were 45% more likely....and kids who used social media the most were 53% more likely to have ADHD symptoms.

Don't worry too much yet....the study didn't prove those things necessarily caused their attention spans to shrink. It just found a link.

I know this is said a lot....but it's true.....convince your kids to go outside and play a bit everyday....put down that phone just to be safe.

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