It seems like your whole day is consumed by staring at a screen! Right? You are staring at one right now as a matter of fact.

It is crazy how much of our life consists of staring at one and then moving on to another. You may go to work and stare at your computer screen for probably at least 8 hours.

If not that one....maybe it is your phone screen. Does this sound like you? Like a typical day? Then maybe you get home and you jump on your iPad or turn on the TV. More screens.

According to a recent survey these numbers are astounding.If you don't count that time we spend asleep (though I  know a lot of us are guilty of waking up in the middle of the night and reaching for our phones), the average American spends almost half of their lives staring at a screen.

Think about it. The average person (and some of us are WAY above average) spends about 6 hours and 43 minutes a day at some sort of screen.

So if you live to the average age of 78 that is just under 22 years...yes I said YEARS of your life connected to a screen.

I know that I spend almost every waking minute starting at a screen. I know that I spend WAY too much doing just that. Even though we know it, it sure doesn't seem to stop us. I think it is the fear of missing out on something.

We get a lot of our information from a phone, laptop or some other internet connected device. We do not want to be the last to know something. It even gives us pleasure to be one of the few in the "know" so it makes us anxious to step away for even a bit.

Do you think you spend that much time in front of a screen? Comment below.

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