Do you find yourself sitting a lot throughout the day? I mean you may sit close to 8 hours a day at work.

Then you go home. Do you sit a lot while watching TV? We have become a society who struggles to get up and moving. That is not a good sign.

As technology gets better and better it seems our time sitting gets longer and longer.

Of course you also have to add in all the time you sit in your car too! Computers and phones are the main reason that we are sitting more. You know that having a Netflix or Hulu account hasn't helped us much either.

If you look at recent trends this is not looking good for us. Back in 2016 the average teen spent even more time sitting. An hour and 48 minutes longer than the average adult. They spend a whopping 8 hours and 12 minutes a day in a chair or couch.

If you include all the time watching TV. Adults and teenagers watch A LOT of it. We end up spending at least 2 hours a day in front of the TV. That is the time that used to be spent playing outside.

It's sad that 36% of adults say there's no way they could even go 24 hours without looking at a screen. When was the last time you did? I know this morning I went over an hour before I realized my phone was still in my purse. Oh I hurried and grabbed it. Of course I missed a text message at 6 am. That is my big fear. Missing out on something important.

That is how our society works now! It's sad but we are connected to our computer screens and our seats a lot more than we used to be.

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