The checks haven't even been sent out yet. That hasn't stopped scammers from already targeting people over their economic impact payments, or "stimulus checks."

First off, as we've mentioned several times, the IRS doesn't refer to the checks as "stimulus checks". Officially they are referred to as economic impact payments.

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This is something you'll need to keep in mind, as many scammers don't make that distinction. They usually refer to them as stimulus checks.

Like the scam e-mail I got this morning asking me to fill out a form with all of my personal information so that I would be added to the list of people who will be getting a stimulus check.

Couple of things...

1. I didn't fill out a single form for the last two payments. Why would I this time?

2. They are not stimulus checks. They are economic impact payments. Anyone talking about the "checks" in any kind of official manner refers to them as such.

As headlines about the next round of payments keep dominating the news, be on the lookout for stuff like this.

The IRS has tools available for you to use to check on the status of your economic impact payment. You can check out the IRS website that has a section completely devoted to answering questions you have about payments coming to you, including what to do if you feel like you were supposed to get one and didn't.

Heads up; we're so early in the process for the third round of payments that the IRS hasn't even updated for it yet. Yet one more reason why getting that e-mail this morning was so insane.

Also, just as a good general rule, unexpected solicitations for personal and private information via e-mail or phone is usually pretty suspect. Rarely, if ever, will any kind of official agency contact you via e-mail or phone about official matters.

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