At first when I heard of Whamageddon I thought what the heck is this? I started looking into it and apparently this has been a game played for awhile. This is the first year that I saw it making it's way around Facebook.

Are you playing? Do you even know how to play? Apparently here are the rules. It started on December 1st but if you are late to the game.....that is fine. They want you to go as long as you can through Christmas Eve without hearing Wham's "Last Christmas." I'm not sure why they decided to pick on that song.

credit: Vevo on Youtube
credit: Vevo on Youtube

I actually like that song and every version of it that we play. We play that song by Wham, Taylor Swift, The Glee Cast, and even Jimmy Eat World. When I saw this game being played because of all the versions I thought how soon I would be knocked out because of all the versions we actually do play.

Apparently in the rules it says that ONLY the Wham version counts. Again why are we picking on them and this song? There are even several Whamageddon Facebook pages in the games honor. THIS page has the most members. THIS page seems to be having the most fun with it.

So here is how I will help you out if you are playing......since I want you to continue listening to all of the great Christmas about I help you out by making mention if I am about to play the song. Now I can only do this while I am on the radio. I can't make this a 24 hour deal.

I do have to sleep. You really want me to anyway. So comment below if you are playing the game and I will do my best to help you out. All you have to do is turn it down for that 4 minutes and 37 seconds. Maybe go grab a cup of coffee and carry on.


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