The man. The myth. The Machine. Bert Kreischer is coming to Amarillo, and it couldn't be any more exciting. I was surprised when I saw the announcement on Facebook of all places.

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More Than Just A Funny Guy With No Shirt

I have to admit, years ago when someone mentioned a comic who doesn't wear a shirt, I passed on listening. I thought it was all gimmick.

I. Was. Wrong.

Bert is, in my humblest of opinions, one of the funniest people on the planet at the moment. If you've never taken a moment to listen, you really should.

Insane And Relatable

The best part of Bert is that not only is he the hilarious "party guy," but he's also a dad. He's also a husband. He's like most of us; trying to navigate having a family, staying healthy, working, and all through the lens that only Bert has.

I became a fan of Bert thanks to podcasts. Two Bears One Cave, and The Bill Bert Pod Cast made me aware of how wrong I was about America's favorite party guy.

If you've never listened to Bert, think of that one guy we all knew in high school or college that was always the "life of the party." You know the one. They were usually really loud and over the top.

Except Bert is actually likeable. You actually miss him when he's gone.

Amarillo + Bert = Love

It also helps that Bert has, intentionally or not, shown Amarillo some love over the past couple of years. He was sporting a Sod Poodles ball cap for a bit.

He also talked about a stop in Amarillo on The Bill Bert Pod Cast, where he mentioned how beautiful it was watching a storm in the distance roll through the area. He had nothing but nice things to say about us in the clip.

I'm excited that we're getting Bert in Yellow City for the Berty Boy Relapse Tour. This will definitely be one you won't want to miss.

The only problem is we have to wait until May 14, 2022 for him to get here. Here's a link with all of the details.

In case you've never seen it, here's the Russian mafia story. Heads up, NSFW.

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