In case you didn't run into it today, there's a traffic detour on Georgia. That detour is going to last into next week.

Earlier today, the City of Amarillo sent out a press release regarding a water tap project. The project is the reason why there is a detour.

It's in the area south of Hillside Road and SW 58th. According to the release, the detour will impact motorists along SW 58 and Farmers Avenue.

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If taking Georgia St is part of your daily commute, you won't have to deal with the detour for too long. According to the press release, it should be wrapped up by Sep 21.

So you just have to deal with it for a little over a week.

Also in the press release it is mentioned that the City of Amarillo Street Department will be repairing streets in the area that just so happen to be affected by the project.

It seems like the never ending saga of construction and projects in Amarillo continues. Just keep chanting that time honored mantra. It will be so nice when it's finished.

For the most part, these inconveniences and headaches are over relatively quick. For instance, a small portion of Coulter was down to one lane going north for part of last week. This morning, I woke up to find both lanes open. It went quick.

Others seem to drag on. The stoplight at the intersection of "The Loop" and Coulter is the bane of my existence. I always feel like most of my time on the road is spent at that light waiting for it to turn green.

Hopefully this detour on Georgia doesn't last long.

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