When it comes to Christmas and the needs of children most organizations take care of the small children.  However, when it comes to teenagers, they seem to be the ones left out.  That is why, Amarillo Teen Christmas was founded.


Amarillo Teen Christmas gives the teens a chance to enjoy Christmas.  They are given a $50 gift card to Walmart and allowed to go on a supervised shopping spree to where they can get nice, new warm clothes.

You can make a donation online here.

You can also send your donations to the following addresses:

Teen Christmas

c/o Welcome Pardner
PO Box 30926
Amarillo, TX. 79120

Stop by or mail your donation to:

6401 South Bell Street
Amarillo, Texas 79109

201 Tascosa Road
Amarillo, Texas 79124

Interstate Bank
5085 S Coulter Street
Amarillo, TX 79119

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