Soon, our city will be lit up with Christmas decorations. The Electric Light Parade will make its way downtown. While we have plenty to be happy about in Amarillo when it comes to lights and decorations, there's one thing we don't have that we need.

The town of Chickasha, Oklahoma has it, and we need one of our own.

Chickasha, Oklahoma Is Home To A 50FT Major Award.

I couldn't help but feel the tiniest bit of jealousy when I came across this post on social media. The city of Chickasha is celebrating the lighting of its 50ft major award.

It is stunning. This giant leg lamp is a pretty close 50ft tall recreation of the lamp from the iconic scene from the holiday classic A Christmas Story. It even has the crate acting as a massive pedestal.

It Would Look Perfect Downtown In Amarillo

We have several artists in the area that I know are more than capable of making something like this happen. While we may not want to get a leg of our own, maybe a 50-foot-tall pink bunny outfit would be good.

The story behind the leg in Chickasha is that a late visual arts teacher came up with the original idea. There was an inflatable version of the leg that was used to honor the art teacher and their idea, and now there is this permanent version.

Congrats to Chickasha for their major award. It's beautiful. Too bad it wasn't a bowling alley.

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