We know there are a lot of great places in Amarillo that can use our help right now. We may not have the financial ability right now to help.
With the uncertainty during the Covid-19 break maybe we want to help but can’t afford it right now.
How would you like to just give an hour of your time to help out two non-profits here in Amarillo? That is really all it will take.
Tuesday, June 2nd, you can stop by Coffee Memorial Center and donate blood. They are really needing the blood supply to be helped out. With your donation you can help one non profit win $2500. A second will walk away with $2000.
That money will do so much good. Plus you will not be walking away empty handed ether. You will get a WOW Pass from Wonderland Park. You will also be able to be to get a free Covid-19 antibody test. You will be fashioned with two different shirts as
well. Oh and that is not all. You will get a gallon milk from Plains Dairy and a gallon of ice cream from Blue Bell.
This is one day only. Tuesday, June 2nd, from 9am until 7pm out at Coffee Memorial Blood Center- 7500 Wallace Blvd. You can make your appointment by calling 806-331-8833 or stop by during the blood drive.
So get out and give the gift of life on Tuesday and help out your favorite non-profit here in the Texas Panhandle. You will have all the good feelings leaving the office.

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