Texans have a unique set of manners. In fact, in some recent studies Texans have been called some of the politest people in the nation.

Here are some of the best examples of good Texas manners.

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The Wave

Texans like to wave. A lot. There are several instances where you'll see "the wave." For instance, when you're driving you'll get a friendly wave from other drivers. You'll also get a little wave, most of the time, when you make room for someone hoping to change lanes.

It's also something you'll see when you stop for someone who is waiting to use a crosswalk. Majority of the time, you'll get a little wave as a way of saying thanks.

Speaking of saying thanks...

Our Unique Way of Saying Thank You

Instead of getting a "thank you" from someone, you'll instead get an "I appreciate you." Eventually, that gets abbreviated to simply "'preciate ya."

Opening Doors For Someone

It's a staple of just being a nice person, and it happens a lot in Texas. Holding a door open for someone is just what we do in Texas. Male or Female, it doesn't matter. If you're walking up to a door and someone sees you coming, expect to have the door held opened for you.

Yes Sir, Yes Ma'am

You better believe we still say sir and ma'am.

Giving the Smile and Nod

This one you see a lot. The smile and nod move is one that gets used usually when you walk by someone. It's a unique kind of wave for those moments when you accidentally make eye contact and need an awkward way out of the situation.

Calling someone Mr./Ms. First Name

This one blew my mind when I first came to the Lone Star State. Never in my life had I heard someone do this. Let's say you are friendly with someone that you would normally call sir or ma'am. In Texas, it isn't uncommon to hear someone refer to them as Mr. or Ms. followed by their first name.

For instance, calling someone Mr. John or Ms. Jane. Big Tex as my witness, you'll hear this in Texas.

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