It's such a world of difference moving from Chicago to Amarillo when I was a kid. Now I am not saying people in Chicago are rude. They are not.

They are just not over the top polite like the people you meet here in Amarillo. Today is National Common Courtesy day so it got me to thinking about the difference.

It is no big deal (especially living in the country as I did) to see someone you pass on the road wave at you. It took me awhile to get use to waving back. Oh, how about passing someone on the street and saying hello. I mean someone you don't even know.

It happens all the time here.My mom and I went back to visit Chicago this summer and I had to remind her we are not in Amarillo, mom! Don't say hi to everyone on the street. They either think they should know you or thinks something is wrong. It just doesn't happen there.

Let me tell you how many times I am carrying something at work and a guy offers to help me with it. I should let them. I know. Sometimes what I am carrying is heavy. I think I let my pride get me. Like I am a strong, independent woman. So I can carry stuff myself. I need to just let them.

Oh and opening doors. That is another thing. Whether it is a car door or just a door I am entering. I find myself also holding doors for others. I think it is great if a guy holds a door for you....but on Common Courtesy Day. Don't be afraid to hold doors for them too!

If a guy opens up my car door for me. I try to jump in and lean over and open his car door from the inside. I figure that is the least I can do. I also find myself holding doors for guys as well who tell me to go. My answer is "no, it's OK I am an equal opportunity person".

Common Courtesy should be just that! Common! You don't find more mannerly people than here in the Texas Panhandle!

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